The purpose of this worksheet is for businesses to map out their backup environment that they want to copy to Canopy. Please read the instructions in order to know what information you will need to get accurate results.

Enterprise Backup:

Backup Job

Backup Job Size Information
Backup Job settings
G-F-S Schedule

Canopy Cloud Cost Estimator

Instructions: In order to use this cost estimator, you will need to have the price per GB of storage from your provider, as well as the price per protected VM if they charge for that as well. Also you will need to know the size of a full backup file for each Backup Job (the .vbk file) as well as the average size of the daily change backups (the .vbi files). Then simply determine how many restore points you would want to keep on the Cloud Provider's side. Once you fill in all of these cell's, you can see your Monthly Estimated Price and the Total Quote Size required in the output box at the bottom.