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How to Use the Pickit Add-in for Office to Tell Stories with Images


Give your presentations and documents a more professional touch with the Pickit Add-in for Office

If you’re struggling to add more interactivity to your presentations or documents, you’re in luck. Microsoft has recently added the Pickit Add-in for Office that allows you to easily insert images into PowerPoint, Word, and Sway.

What is Pickit?

Clipart is a word that you probably haven’t heard in quite a while. For the longest time, Office applications struggled to offer compelling imagery within their applications. Pickit is finally the answer to this massive need. This tool offers a wide array of handpicked images to Office users without ever leaving PowerPoint, Word, or Sway. Pickit images are grouped in handy collections making it extremely easy to find what you need.

Looking for photos to add to your documents or presentations? Now you don’t have to search a variety of Internet sites, only to come up short. With Pickit, you’ll have access to the best images – all within Office.

Tell stories in your presentations and documents with Pickit

How many times have you attended a presentation where the slides or documents that were distributed looked like they’d been put together by a five-year old? When you’re looking to up your presentation game a bit, Pickit offers the perfect solution. Use it to tell stories with your images and to ensure your readers or presentation attendees are fully engaged.

Add the Pickit Presentation Images add-in for PowerPoint to instantly access an array of free icons, photos as well as 3D and moving images to reach your intended audience. Once you’ve downloaded the add-in, you’ll be able to easily use PowerPoint Designer to build professional presentations that are visually appealing.

Combine the Pickit add-in with PowerPoint Morph to create professional slides that have cinematic motion effects.

Pickit software requirements

The Pickit image collection works with Word, PowerPoint, and Sway and is available for Office 2013 and 2016 on Windows 10, and Office 2016 on Mac.

To get users started with Pickit, a variety of premade templates are available for both PowerPoint Designer and PowerPoint Morph. Browse these templates below:

We hope that you’ll download the free Pickit add-in today and begin exploring how easy it is to add stunning imagery to your documents and presentations.

Still have questions about how Pickit is used?

If you’re still unclear about how Pickit works or have any questions about Office 365 in general, feel free to reach out to the MessageOps team at 877-788-1617 or through our online contact form.


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