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Office 365 SharePoint Online Services

Revolutionize the way you do business

MessageOps delivers custom and turn-key SharePoint online offerings

You don’t have to wait weeks, months, or years to unleash the full business value of your Office 365 investment. We’ve created a suite of intelligently built, intuitively designed and immediately useful SharePoint business applications that run right in Office 365 so you are up and running a matter of days. MessageOps delivers custom and turn-key SharePoint online offerings.

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ROOT: A Corporate Intranet Portal

Centralize important company information and apps right in Office 365 with ROOT. Our pre-built, feature rich Intranet portal eliminates the complexity, cost and risk of a custom-built solution. Start engaging employees, facilitating communication, fostering collaboration, streamlining processes and organizing your knowledge-base immediately with ROOT.

Visit ROOT SharePoint Intranet

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CROWN: A Learning Management System with Gamification

Why invest in a gamified learning system and deal with the hassle of a separate system when you can run one directly through Office 365? CROWN boosts employee engagement with challenging missions and meaningful rewards. Easily onboard new employees, deliver compliance and regulatory training, improve sales training and closing ratios—you can do it all when you make learning fun.

Visit CROWN SharePoint LMS

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VINE: A Contract & Asset Management Resource

Leverage your Office 365 investment to keep track of equipment warranties, extended hardware maintenance contracts, lease agreements, scheduled preventative maintenance or any other type of contract with VINE. VINE is highly robust and ready-built in SharePoint Online, so there is no need to acquire a net new platform. Plus, VINE has an easy-to-use design that anyone can learn and device-responsive for those on the go!

Visit VINE Contract Management

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STEM: An Easy Way to Get Started with SharePoint

MessageOps STEM takes the most commonly used features and make sure that you deploy them effectively, quickly, and train your teams properly. If you want tried and true features that are used by the most successful users, then STEM is for you.

Visit STEM

SharePoint Online Consulting Services powered by MessageOps

  • Migration Services
    • Pre-migration testing and remediation
    • Full migration processing
    • Post migration services
  • Admin Training
  • Power User Training
  • Design and Setup Services
  • Security and Workflow Services

What you get when you choose MessageOps

Available as standalone products or a full productivity suite that runs directly over Office 365, our SharePoint online business applications automate and improve your business processes. And while others build for on premise, we’ve built for the cloud.

  • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesA better experience

    Expand Offce 365 SharePoint’s out-of-the-box capabilities for quick, lasting productivity gains

  • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesResponsive support

    When you have questions, you need answers. We’ll never let you walk away without one.

  • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesStreamlined processes

    Process automation lets your team focus on the value-driven work that adds to your bottom line.

  • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesA happier, more productive workforce

    Instead of working for their tools, your employees will have tools that work for them.

  • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesFast and painless setup

    Eliminate the cost and complexity of other solutions with pre-built, feature-rich applications.

  • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesFreedom to move

    All of our applications are fully responsive and can be accessed from anywhere on any device.

  • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesProductivity

    Eliminate unnecessary steps and condense information into one easily accessible resource.

  • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesCollaboration

    Employees will easily be able to communicate and collaborate regardless of their location.

  • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesImprove Communication

    By encouraging employees to utilize the Office 365 SharePoint Online Services you’ll be fostering the creation of an Intranet platform that can serve as the central heartbeat of your company.

  • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesSecurity and canopy

    At the end of the day, the security of your cloud based data is paramount. With Canopy, all your data will be securely housed offsite.

  • sharepoint, sharepoint online, sharepoint templatesCustomization

    MessageOps can customize a solution to meet your needs.

Let us help you unleash the full business value of your Office 365 investment